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Solar Dancing Smiley Sunflower
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Solar Dancing Smiley Sunflower

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There's always at least one of them in the office. The Sally Sunshine type. Polly Positive. Roger A. Okay. The people who seem unfazed by the daily grind and never have a Case of the Mondays. It's like they all grew up in Minneapolis. Here's a gift they're guaranteed to like because they simply don't seem to possess the capacity to dislike anything. But we have to admit, once this dancing, smiling, plastic sunflower gets a dose of solar energy and begins bob, bob, bobbing along, it's downright infectious. What the heck, add it to your own desktop. It just might make the workplace more fun for everyone.

Our Solar Dancing Sunflower measures 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" and dances its best jig in direct sunlight. (Choking hazard: not for children under 3.)

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