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Computer Bug Zapper - Zap Your Software & Hardware Problems! -  - EPIC! Giftables
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Computer Bug Zapper - Zap Your Software & Hardware Problems!

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Are your computer problems really bugging you? Our Computer Bug Zapper belongs on your desk.

You Know You Have Computer Bugs if . . .

• You received no email SPAM in over 20 minutes
• Your computer freezes so often you can use it to make ice
• Your spreadsheets will only do "new math"
• Spell Check is spelled with one "l"

This novelty bug zapper may be just what you need. Just hang the battery powered glowing core of insect death over or near your computer, monitor, or desk, and turn it on. You can tell it’s working by the flashing lights and the buzzing sounds of computer bugs meeting their doom. Zzapp ... zzapp. Computer bugs are history; extra crispy.

Well, maybe not quite, but the Computer Bug Zapper does blink and buzz at your command whenever a software bug is detected and destroyed. For your stress level, that may be just enough to get you through the day. And, if you're a programmer ... well, then it's your job to convince everyone around you that it works!

Place one on your monitor today to attract those nasty Computer Bugs. It won't help, but it's fun!

Our computer bug zapper measures 3" x 3" x 4" H, and its size in packaging is 3.25" X 3.25" x 6.5" H.

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